Foreign Recognition - General Information

  • Please address foreign recognitions to Mr. Böll.
  • Before your stay abroad: Please send us all necessary documents electronically using the form. If this does not meet your requirements or if you prefer personal contact, please come to Mr. Reichenbacher's office with all necessary documents in printed form.
  • After your stay abroad: Please send all necessary documents via email to Mr. Böll.
  • Your application will usually be processed within 4 weeks, after which we will contact you by e-mail.
  • Please note that processing can only take place if all documents are available in full.
  • Please also note that only foreign achievements will be recognized which have been determined in the examination schedule agreement prior to the stay abroad. Without prior agreement of an examination schedule, no foreign achievements will be recognised in general.
  • Achievements abroad cannot be recognized as a seminar.
  • Further information on recognition of achievements can be found here.

Necessary Documents for the Recognition of Achievements from Studies Abroad

Before the Stay Abroad
  • Detailed course description from the official course catalogue of the foreign university in German or English, including
    • Lecture contents/Syllabus
    • literature
    • Lecturer (optional)
  • evidence of
    • Number and duration of lecture units (SWS and credits)
    • Number of lectures per semester
    • Time structure in lecture and exercise hours
  • Classification of the course level (e.g. 3rd year Bachelor, Master, PhD course)
  • Completed form recognition agreement for study abroad
  • Current excerpt of sheet music
After the Stay Abroad