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Teaching Awards

Teaching Award 2020 of the KIT Faculty of Economic Sciences

Jelena Eberbach has been awarded the Teaching Award of the KIT Faculty of Economics for her performance in "Übungen zu Investments". The students evaluated her exercise as one of the five best exercise classes of the faculty.

Our other lectures and exercises were also rated outstandingly by the students. Due to the minimum evaluation requirement for the lectures and exercise classes to be considered for the teaching awards, our other lectures or exercises could not be nominated for the awards. Nevertheless, we are very pleased with the students' appreciation of our teaching, especially in times of special circumstances caused by the ongoing online teaching commitment due to the Corona pandemic.

Fabian Eska (left) and Philipp Schuster (right) with their certificates
Certificates for Good Teaching in Winter Semester 2018/19 and Summer Semester 2019

Philipp Schuster and Fabian Eska were awarded by the KIT-Department of Economics and Management for their outstanding teaching performance in the winter semester 2018/19 and the summer semester 2019 respectively. In the students' evaluation of all lectures of the faculty, Philipp Schuster was among the ten best rated lectures with the class Blockchains & Cryptofinance. Fabian Eska was awarded for his classes within the class Derivate as one of the five best exercises after evaluation.

Teaching Award 2017 of the KIT-Department of Economics and Management

Prof. Uhrig-Homburg was awarded the Teaching Prize for 2017 by the KIT-Department of Economics and Management for her commitment to the lecture Kreditrisiken. The students gave the lecture excellent marks in the evaluation.

The two prize winners (Marcel Müller, left and Stefan Fiesel, right) with Philipp Schuster (award for his dissertation)
Teaching Award 2016 of the KIT-Department of Economics and Management 

Marcel Müller and Stefan Fiesel were awarded with a teaching prize by the KIT-Department of Economics and Management for their exercises in the lectures Investments and Derivate, respectively. In the evaluation, the students rated the classes of Mr. Müller and Mr. Fiesel each as one of the five best exercises with the faculty.

Dr. Walter during the presentation of the certificate after his inaugural lecture
KIT Honorary Professorship for Dr. Ulrich Walter

On February 4, 2016, Dr. Ulrich Walter was awarded the title of honorary professor by the KIT-Department of Economics and Management. Dr. Walter, Head of the Trading Division of DZ BANK AG, has been a lecturer at the Chair of Financial Engineering and Derivatives for many years and regularly receives excellent student evaluations for his lectures. In his inaugural lecture as honorary professor, Prof. Dr. Walter spoke about the implications of the financial crisis on the risk management and valuation of financial securities.