• We offer an examination for each of our lectures in each semester.
  • Please note the following points with regard to registration and deregistration:
    • Exam registration usually takes place via the Campus Management Portal in the specified time period. If an error message appears during registration, please contact the student service.
    • You can deregister from the examination by the deadline set via the Campus Management Portal. After the fixed deadline, you can only withdraw in person on the day of the exam at the exam supervisor. If you are absent from the exam without having cancelled your registration in time (at least 48 hours before the exam starts) or if you do not appear on time, your exam will be graded with the grade 5.0 - failed. In case of illness, please submit a medical certificate within 3 working days.
  • At the beginning of the new semester we offer you an inspection appointment. The exact dates can be found in the corresponding news on the start page of our homepage.
Examination Dates
Title Date Time Place Registration
03/14/2024 18:00 HS am Fasanengarten (Building 50.35) 03/06/2024
01/10/2024 17:30 Campus B (Building 09.21), Room 124 01/03/2024
02/22/2024 11:00 Egon-Eiermann HS (Building 20.40) 02/14/2024
Campus B (Building 09.21) Blücherstr. 17 03/07/2024
03/14/2024 06:00 HS am Fasanengarten (Building 50.35) 03/06/2024