External Job Offers

  • In the list below, you will find current vacancies for interns and young professionals in the financial sector.
  • We also send job offers via our career newsletter. Note that for a registration, you need to visit the German version of our website. 
  • In addition, the KIT Career Service accompanies students and doctoral candidates in all aspects of career, internship, and career entry.
Job offers for young professionals and trainee programs
Company Description Starting Date Job Posting Contact
W&W Asset Management GmbH flexible Job Posting (German)  Bernd Seybold, Tel. +49 711 662-721585
W&W Asset Management GmbH flexible Job Posting (German) Bernd Seybold, Tel. +49 711 662-721585
DZ BANK AG flexible Job Posting (German) Frank-Michael Wiesch, Tel. +49 69 7447-99043
Volkswagen Charging Group GmbH flexible Job Posting Ingo Müller, Tel.: +49 152 0719 3830
DZ BANK AG August, and November, 2021 Job Posting (German) Ms Haag, Tel.:  +49 211 778-1506