• type: Lecture (V) & Practice (Ü)
  • : for Bachelor & Master students
  • semester: SS 2022
  • place: in presence
  • time:  Lecture: on tuesdays, 08:00-09:30 am (building 10.50, großer HS)

    Practice: on wednesdays,  03:45-05:15 pm (building 30.35, HSI) 

  • lecturer: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Julian Thimme
    Fabian E. Eska
  • sws: 2
  • ects: 4,5
  • lv-no.: 2530550

Brief description

The lecture Derivatives deals with the possible applications and valuation problems of derivative financial instruments. After an overview of the most important derivatives and their significance, first of all forwards and futures are analyzed. This is followed by an introduction to option pricing theory. The focus is on the valuation of options in discrete-time and continuous-time models. Finally, construction and application possibilities of derivatives are discussed, for example in the context of risk management.


  • Hull, J. (2012). Options, Futures, & Other Derivatives, Prentice Hall, 8th Edition.
  • Further reading:
    • Cox, J.; Rubinstein, M. (1985): Option Markets, Prentice Hall.