Institute for Finance - Department Financial Engineering and Derivatives


  • type: Lecture (V) + Practice (Ü)
  • : Bachelor
  • semester: SS 2021
  • place: online
  • time: Live question sessions: 20.04., 04.05., 18.05., 08.06., 22.06., 06.07., 20.07., respectively 2.00-3:00 pm

    Bonus exercices: 20.5., 01.07., respectively 10:00-12:00 am

  • lecturer: Prof. Dr. Marliese Uhrig-Homburg
    Jelena Eberbach (Practice)
  • sws: 2+1
  • ects: 4,5

Brief Description

The lecture deals with investment decisions under uncertainty, with a focus on investment decisions on stock markets. After a discussion of the basic questions of stock valuation, the focus of the lecture is then on portfolio theory. This is followed by an analysis of risk and return in balance with the derivation of the Capital Asset Pricing Model and the Arbitrage Pricing Theory. Finally, financial investments in bond markets are discussed.


  • Further reading:
    • Bodie, Z; Kane, A.; Marcus, A. (2010). 8th Edition Essentials of Investments, McGraw-Hill Irwin, Boston.