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Research and Teaching Awards

Walter-Georg-Waffenschmidt-Preis für Betriebswirtschaftslehre 2017

Dr. Martin Hain received the research award 2017 from the Department of Economics and Management for his PhD Thesis "Understanding Energy Commodity Price Risks".


Teaching Award 2017

Frau Prof. Uhrig-Homburg is the winner of the teaching Award 2017 for her lecture Credit Risk.



KIT Honoring 2017

Dr. Philipp Schuster was honored by the KIT President for the FIRM Research Award 2016 he received for his PhD Thesis "Liquidity in Bond Markets"

Quelle: Markus Breig (KIT)



Walter-Georg-Waffenschmidt-Preis für Betriebswirtschaftslehre & Teaching Awards 2016

Dr. Philipp Schuster received the research award 2016 from the Department of Economics and Management for his PhD Thesis "Liquidity in Bond Markets". Winner of the teaching award were Mr. Marcel Müller and Mr. Stefan Fiesel for their lectures Investments and Derivatives, respectively.



FIRM Research Award 2016

Dr. Philipp Schuster has received the FIRM research award 2016 for his PhD Thesis "Liquidity in Bond Markets". Further information are available here.

Nils Detering, Philipp Schuster, Josef Korte, and Wolfgang Kirsch (f.l.t.r.) (Source: https://www.institutional-money.com/news/uebersicht/headline/firm-verleiht-preis-fuer-dissertation-ueber-liquiditaet-an-anleihemaerkten-51460/newsseite/1/)


KIT Honorary Professor

Dr. Ulrich Walter was awarded the title 'honorary professor' from the Department of Economics and Management of the KIT on February 4, 2016. Dr. Walter, head of trading at the DZ BANK AG, has been holding lectures at the Chair of Financial Engineering and Derivatives since many years for which he received outstanding evaluations from students.

Honorary Professor Ulrich Walter with Dean Stefan Nickel


Hochschulpreis des Deutschen Aktieninstituts 2015 (DAI Award)

Dr. Philipp Schuster receives the university Prize 2015 of "Deutsches Aktieninstitut (DAI)" for his PhD Thesis "Liquidity in Bond Markets".

Award ceremony of the DAI Award 2015: Werner Baumann (left), Dr. Philipp Schuster and Prof. Dr. Bernd Rudolph (right) 


KIT Doctoral Award 2015

Dr. Hitzemann has won the KIT Doctoral Award 2015 for his PhD Thesis "Carbon Finance: Equilibrium Modeling and Empirical Analysis".




Energy & Finance Conference Best Paper Award 2013

Ms. Prof. Uhrig-Homburg and Mr. Hitzemann have received the Best Paper Award at the Energy & Finance Conference 2013 for their work Empirical Performance of Reduced-Form Models for Emission Permit Prices .


Walter-Georg-Waffenschmidt-Preis für Betriebswirtschaftslehre 2011

Dr. Michael Triskatis receives the research award 2011 from the Department of Economics and Business Engineering for his PhD Thesis "CO2-Emissionszertifikate - Preismodellierung und Derivatebewertung".


DGF Best Paper Award 2011

Ms. Prof Uhrig-Homburg and Mr. Hitzemann have received the Best Paper Award 2011 from the German Finance Association  (DGF) for their work "Understanding the Price Dynamics of Emission Permits: A Model for Multiple Trading Periods  ".

Awards for diploma/master theses

Master Thesis Award 2018 of the KIT-Department of Economics and Management and BAI Award 2018

BAI Award 2018

Timo Hermann for his master thesis „Energiepolitische Unsicherheit: Ein real- und finanzwirtschaftliches Risiko?” and Karol Schenk for his bachelor thesis "Kurzfrist-Prognose von Aktienrenditen durch Optionsdaten".


Master Thesis Award 2018 of the KIT-Department of Economics and Management 

Timo Hermann for his master thesis „Energiepolitische Unsicherheit: Ein real- und finanzwirtschaftliches Risiko?”.



Swiss Derivative Awards 2018

Adili Yiligeer ranked second at the Swiss Derivative Awards 2018 for his master thesis „Applying Blockchain to OTC Derivatives”.
Weitere Informationen über den Preis finden sie hier.



SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation 2017 Award

Paolo Manzano for his master thesis "Pricing of corporate bond market liquidity across market phases".


SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation 2016 Award

Michael Reichenbacher for his master thesis "Variance and Kurtosis Risk in Energy Markets: Implications on Risk and Wealth Management".


Master Thesis Award 2015 of the KIT-Department of Economics and Management

Philip Flück for his master thesis „Pricing of liquidity risk in the U.S. corporate bond market”.


Swiss Derivative Awards 2016

Andreas Höcherl for his master thesis „Filtered historical Simulation for Portfolios: Model Selection and Calibration”.
Further details about the award can be found here.


BAI Award 2015

Julian Hess for his master thesis "Relative-Value Arbitrage in European Energy Commodity Markets". Further details about award, thesis, and pictures can be found here.


Maravon Markets Award

Philip Flück for his master thesis "Pricing of liquidity risk in the US corporate bond market".

Award ceremony of the BAI Award 2015: Jörg Hörster (CEO, Maravon GmbH) and Philip Flück


DAI Award 2013

Martin Brosig for his master thesis "Empirical Analysis of Information Efficiency in VIX-/VIX-Future-Markets".

Award ceremony of the DAI Award 2013: Jens Weidmann and Martin Brosig


SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation 2012 Award

In the course of the top-class Ernst Blickle Speech the chairman of the foundation SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation awarded the study prize award endowed with 2500 Euro each to 21 young scientists. Tanja Siegrist was awarded for her diploma thesis "Valuation of CDOs with dynamic copula models“.

Award ceremony of the SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation 2012: Tanja Siegrist (4. row, 1. from right) with the award winners, Rainer Blickle (4. row, 1. from left) and Prof. Fritz Klocke (5. row, 1.from left)


Diploma thesis award of the department of economics and management 2011

Thomas Schön for his diploma thesis "Determination of Default Intensities of Single Entities in Top-Down-Models"

Award ceremony of the SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation 2010: winner of the Ernst-Blickle-Award, Dr. Michael Rogowski (center) together with the award winners, foundation CEO, Prof. Dr. Wittig (left), Rainer Blickle (2. f.l.) and Prof. Dr. Kolar (right).


SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation 2010 Award

Philipp Schuster for his diploma thesis "Term Structure of the Illiquidity Premia"


Diploma thesis award of the faculty of economics 2009

Stefan Helber for his diploma thesis "Pricing of CDO tranches within the top-down framework".


GAUSS-Award for young academics 2008

Daniel Müller for his diploma thesis “Modelling and Pricing of credit derivatives with Lévy-processes“.

  • Diploma thesis award of the faculty of economics 2008

    Daniel Stock for his diploma thesis „Rating CDOs with Moody’s BET-model“.

  • Werner von Siemens Excellence Award 2006

    Kevin Zander for his diploma thesis “Regime-Switching and Principal Component Analysis for modelling of electricity prices“.

  • SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation 2005 Award

    Christopher Hollensteiner for his diploma thesis “Collateralized Debt Obligations - Structural Analysis and Pricing”.

  • GAUSS-Award for young academics 2005

    Philipp Koziol for his diploma thesis “Analysis of the default probabilities generated by copulas and their implications for risk management“.

Postbank Finance Award

1st price at Postbank Finance Award 2008/2009

The first price of the Postbank Finance Award was awarded to the University of Karlsruhe(TH). The team of Prof. Marliese Uhrig-Homburg consisted of Jasmin Berdel, Daniel Müller and Florian Stegmüller. Having in mind the role of securitization in the credit crisis, they tried to figure out the weaknesses of established practices in evaluating the risk of securitized credit portfolios. The group came up with detailed suggestions on how to calculate the risk more precisely, how to present it more transparently and how to isolate it. For this purpose, a large share of the risk should remain at the originator.

38 teams (consisting of students and their professors) from Germany and Austria took part in the 6th Postbank Finance Award, which is Germany’s best endowed Banking and Finance award.

The papers, which were handed in for the competition, present well-grounded scientific answers to “lessons of the financial crisis”, provide incentives and encourage the discussion on this important topic.

Winner of the Postbank Finance Award 2008/2009

Winner of the Postbank Finance Award 2008/2009

2nd price at Postbank Finance Award 2006/2007

Marwan El Chamaa, Stefan Helber, Daniel Herzig, Jonathan Nickels Küll and Johannes Rudek, whose team was under the guidance of Prof. Marliese Uhrig-Homburg, achieved a remarkable second price at the Postbank Finance award. They developed a new concept for the certification of external ratings.